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Friday Photo

Friday Photo

This has been an extremely difficult and draining week. On Tuesday, I did a funeral for someone from the church I used to pastor that is a few hours away. I think funerals are the hardest part of ministry, even when it is someone who lived a long and faithful life. To make matters worse, I received a phone call from my wife while I was on the road that morning that our dog Poco could not move her back legs. Poco had been acting a little strange the day before, but the vet could not find anything wrong. A few hours after my wife took Poco to the vet on Tuesday, we finally learned that a disk in her spine ruptured. For a while we thought she might not make it, but they were able to perform surgery. She still cannot walk or feel much in her back legs but they think it still may be possible. We get to go in and see her for a few minutes each day. She is happy and does not seem to be in much pain but is confused why she cannot walk. The photo is of Poco from a better time. I am not sure why this photo ended up with such a blue cast to it, but it seems kind of appropriate.

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